Monday, July 03, 2006

Ah, Technology!

This past weekend has been full of family, fun and technology. I mentioned, briefly, the five laptops that were at my house this weekend.

Jill and Eric has one, Joy has one, Ken has one, Charles has one and I have one. I started out this weekend with my normal dial-up, and there was strong competition for the phone cord. Every time I turned around, my computer was down and someone else’s was on-line. Of course, there were complaints of the slow speed, but no-one missed their turn on-line because of the slowness.

Saturday I got the wonderful call from the installer of my new high-speed service; he works seven days a week, so he said he’d be out on Sunday, if we weren’t busy.

If we weren’t busy??? I would cancel a concert with Neil Diamond to be home for high-speed installation!

The little installation man showed up yesterday around 10:00 and took about two hours for him to install. As he was working with the high-speed gadgets, Joy was hooked up to the dial-up so she was able to test the email setup when the installation man was ready.

As soon as he left, having me working on high speed, I again had fights on my hand. Everyone wanted to use the high-speed, and I kept getting disconnected because someone would grab the cable and put it into their computer.

However, once Jill and Eric left, Ken felt he had done his work emails and didn’t need to be on-line, Charles felt he could just check emails on my computer, so it was just Joy that I had to fight with. Fortunately for me (unfortunately for Joy) her laptop didn’t like my settings and she had to stay on dial-up.

Now, I am speeding about twenty-five times faster than on dial-up and am so very excited (as who wouldn’t be?).. I am going to call the old service and cancel tomorrow and also cancel my second phone line. I figured that dropping the second phone line and dropping the dial-up service, I would be just about even for the monthly high-speed service.

Last night Joy, Charles and I were playing around with watching videos, checking on how fast a page came up and just having fun. Joy did complain that I was driving her nuts with counting the time each page came up! We went to E-bay to just see what the speed was for a page and just “happened” to check on routers for wireless service. (I had promised I would get a router so all of the family could have their laptops on-line without stealing my cable if they would help pay for it.) We found a router for a decent price that was closing in about four minutes. Charles said that if I bid on it and won, he’d buy it for me. Four minutes used to be not long enough to log on, submit a bid and see if it was enough. The first bid was NOT enough, we got a message to up the bid, which we did. The message came through “Four seconds to closing!” And we won! Thanks to the high-speed abilities I now have on my computer.

So, high-speed, here I am! And because it’s high-speed, it is now easier to download pictures. You will have to suffer (or not) with many pictures that we took this weekend. It was a beautiful weekend, a beautiful day; you have a beautiful day!

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Ashley is always looking for someone to play cribbage! Jill and Eric gave her a travel one.

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Candy and Goldie

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Indian widows ready for suttee

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Eric helping Norm with his new toy - an eight-foot windmill

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Decoration only, but really fun to look at

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Jessica approves!


Candy Duell said...

I am so glad your high speed came threw for you. I know that you have been waiting for awhile! Have fun with it, I know I love mine. It sounds like your weekend has been wonderful. Have a great time for the rest of it.

happyowl said...

The picture is up. I hope you like it.

Brightest blessings