Saturday, June 24, 2006

Thank you, Candy!

Candy D from New York finally got through to me and I got links put up. Go see who my friends are!

I also got a picture up in the photo section without having to use PhotoBucket, thanks to Candy's help. This is my first one that I took panoramic ... Not the best, but I will get better as time goes on.

On another note, I put the hens and the teenagers together - they have full run of the barn and both yards, so they are getting used to each other. The hens are bossy, the teenagers are shy. Hopefully a few days of putting them together and we can run them together permanently.

On a sad note, one of the hens is dying. I don't know what's wrong, but she is just sitting in a corner looking droopy and losing weight. I was going to have Norm take care of her before he left, but I kept hoping she'd pop out of her depression. I keep expecting her to be dead each time I check on her.

Oh, well, we can't keep them all alive and happy. You have a beautiful day!


Candy Duell said...

Oh your more than welcome. I am glad I could help you get your blog the way you want it! It looks wonderful

The Unusually Unsual Farmchick said...

Hi Connie! Welcome & I am bookmarking you now that you are all set up here. (remember- seeing through not in. thats just the way they will always be there.) owell you are here now & your blogs looking good!

happyowl said...

Hi Connie, I am so sorry about your hen. I know not all of them live but it's still sad to lose one before their time. I think the picture is beautiful. I love sunsets and rises!

Hope your doing well and not missing Norm too much

Brightest blessings