Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Supper last night

Last night we had a great salad for supper. Now, I am not a salad eater, for the most part, but I do love a good one once in a while.

I wanted shrimp last night and was trying to think of something easy to fix, as I was (and am) still tired from the weekend.

Our Buttercrunch lettuce is growing great guns now! We took some to Janesville – which lasted all weekend. Candy took some Friday morning for she and Wayne. Katie took some more Sunday night to go home with. And last night I cut enough for a big salad for the two of us. So I chopped up the shrimp, mixed the lettuce (cut up) with equal amounts of spinach (store bought – ours simply will NOT grow!) and mixed in the chopped up shrimp. I sliced some American cheese into slices like you get on a restaurant salad, sprinkled in some salted sunflower seeds and each of us had our favorite salad dressing. Two big bowls each and it wasn’t enough!!


This is our lovely lettuce!

Have a beautiful day!

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