Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Slowly getting there!

We have a window facing west, with a beautiful view of our west pasture. I have put a thistle sock and feeder out west so we can look out the window and watch them there, as well as watch the ones out the kitchen window.

But the big window is a double pane that has a leak, so we have moisture and dirt inside and it is difficult to look out. Wayne said that he thought we could cut out one pane, clean and dry out and then put the pane back in and reseal – we won’t have the gas that is supposed to help keep the window warm, but we will have a double pane. I am waiting for Norm to come home to discuss this.

This weekend we will have two sons-in-law, a brother and a father around. Surely with all those men with eager hands we could get a pane cut out of the window and get it cleared for viewing.

I have put in our antique stain glass window (friend Fritzie said it’s perfect for short people like me. I say it’s perfect for ‘normal’ people and her height is giant sized!). I also moved the sofa and two chairs to face the window so we can sit in comfort to look out.

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And tonight I moved the feeder and sock two feet closer to the house. My goal is to get the feeder and sock very close to the house so we can sit in comfort and see the birds closely.

I have a friend who has a feeder tray right outside her window (which is lower than ours) and she sits at the table and watches the birds while she eats. Maybe we can make a feeder tray someday and put it up on the bottom frame of the window. Or, maybe PUT a table and chairs there for sitting and eating and move the sofa back to the other side of the room? We’ll see, but slowly, slowly, the window view will become even better than it is now!

It was a beautiful day today - you have a beautiful day!


Candy Duell said...

It sounds like a great idea about the window, and moving the feeders closer to the house. There is nothing better than sitting there, looking out your window and watching the birds. The tray idea sounds ideal. If you connected it to your house would you be able to fill it easily?

Green Fingers said...

I loooooove that window! And since I'm "normal" sized too, it would probably be fine for me.

When are you having me over? HA!


The Unusually Unsual Farmchick said...

What a beautiful window! Is that an antique stained glass? It realy is lovely spinning grandma. I have always thought those small rectangles over a regular window was a very sweet and elegant site. Kinda like you are "framing" the view from the outside.