Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Shopping in Mankato

Candy, Wayne and I went to Mankato to Sam’s Club and Wal-Mart. Now, l I am a Sam’s Club fan, but not a Wal-Mart one. However, Wayne is a Super Wal-Mart fan – he does most of his grocery shopping there.

So after Sam’s – way too much money spent, as usual, but things I will definitely use and need in the future – we had to stop at Wal-Mart to get stuff that Wayne and Candy couldn’t get at Sam’s.

They had been doing very little shopping before the move so they wouldn’t have to move canned goods or other groceries, so they needed to stock up with lots of necessities.

I had very little to buy at Wal-Mart, so I sat in the entrance waiting for them to finish. I did some people watching and thinking. I was sitting right under a big blower and wondered. Why? What is the sense of this big blower that hits you with cold air as you walk in? Is it a protection to keep the hot air from sneaking into the store? Is it a way of giving you a chill so you catch cold and need Wal-Mart drugs?

And then, where is the greeter? I have gotten used to (when I DO go) seeing a retired person handing people their carts and greeting them and pointing the way to whatever you want to buy if you are rare visitors like I am and don’t know where things are. How am I going to be able to grab my own cart? How will I know where to go? Where is the greeter?

We had lunch at Taco Belle’s (eat your heart out, Norm!) … Wayne spent all his time complaining because the food was so good and he was having a good time, so he didn’t have anything to complain about!

So, we headed home – another lovely day in the neighborhood. I got home to good news in the mail. Candy and I have found a company that can offer us high-speed DSL and we got the applications in the mail today. I filled mine out and took it back to the mail box tonight to make SURE I didn’t miss the mail man in the morning. Doing the happy dance, here!

The dogs were happy to see me – Tasha thought I’d deserted them and was never, ever coming home! At least that’s what she said!

Joy and family are back in Minnesota again for about ten days. They will be coming to the farm this weekend, along with Jill and Eric. Also, my brother Charles and my folks will be here. We will be celebrating the folks’ 64th anniversary.

So, tomorrow it’s back to weeding and cutting grass and starting to cook for the weekend. Today was a beautiful day – you have a beautiful day!


Anonymous said...

i do love Sam's, but I always spend morethan I intend to. Wal-Mart is a pain, but it is also the cheapest place in town to shop. I don't buy my meat there though. I go to Kroger for that. I like that Wal-Mart will honor any sales form the newspaper adds from any store in town. HUGS
Grandma Rosie

The Unusually Unsual Farmchick said...

You Sinner! just kidding- I end up doing more shopping there then I like since no one else seems to carry what I am looking for half the time. The prices are so low that I save enough shopping from my weekly groceries to buy half a tank of gas- comparing to my local grocery store here. & thats not because I use coupons!