Wednesday, June 28, 2006

My babies are three weeks old!

They are growing quickly and healthily … not as quickly as those Cornish Crosses, but they are prettier and there is more variety. They are eating so much, however, that I had to put the big feeder in today – I couldn’t go 12 hours between topping off the little feeders, even though there were four of them. And put the big gallon waterer in there, as well. The teenagers are getting water from an ice cream bucket, like the hens are.

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I have put the teenagers and the adult hens together but they are running the full gamut of the barn with both east and west doors open so the teens can hide somewhere if they are picked on by the hens. This afternoon I checked and most of the teens are resting in the deep hay under the roosts in the hens’ area. And eating and drinking from the hens’ feeder and waterer.

Once Norm gets home and we ‘lose’ our company for the Fourth, I will have Norm move the nest boxes into the teens’ area, as it is bigger, move the roost there and put them all together. Then clean the hens’ area out and possibly (not sure) get another bunch of meat birds when the babies are about five weeks old. Then we will keep a rotation going and get a lot of birds in the freezer for all four families this winter.

I was mowing today and ran out of gas, both with the tractor and with me, so I will have to fill both the tractor (and me) up and get going again before it gets too hot.

I got a new program this week – “Paint Shop Pro 9” … Candy used it at work and has it at home; I played with hers this last week and fell in love with it. So I found one on e-bay and picked it up. I have been doing lots of fun things, but these two pictures of the girls are a simple frame – you can do this in Print Shop, but it doesn’t make a graphic to copy onto some place else. I will be playing with it more and learning more and will show some of the fun stuff I can do!

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A beautiful day, again … so many in a row, I can’t keep count, but am grateful for each and every one. You have a beautiful day!

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Candy Duell said...

The chicks are so cute! The frames you put around the kids pictures is great. Nice job!