Saturday, June 24, 2006

I’m all alone!

Norm left this morning for Rapid City – he’s going to spend about 5 days with his brother out on the ranch, as well as see some of the friends and relatives in town.

Thursday, Ashley’s birthday, we celebrated Solstice with steaks on the grill outside. I brought out some wine and we sat watching the steaks cooking (listening to the mourning doves); after they were done, Norm put more wood on the fire and we watched the fire and toasted summer and Solstice.

Yesterday was a busy day – second day of laundry – we have so much from the Janesville camp that it’s taking a long time to catch up – now I have more because we changed the bedding on our bed yesterday (how nice to have fresh new sheets!).

We went to Storden to mail a package – an Edison Phonograph – to an ebay buyer, drop off the old computer table (finally) and head to Candy’s. Norm is borrowing Wayne’s trailer as ours had a problem with a hub.

Norm is taking the trailer because he’s picking up his mom’s freezer and a lovely antique cupboard that she had. When his Mom died, we went through the house and put his name on things that he wanted. He told me, then, that he had loved that cupboard ever since he could remember. I was trhilled because I have always loved it, too. And no one else wanted (or needed it enough to make a fuss) so Norm got it. Norm also hopes to bring home a set of bookcases, called (I think) ‘barrister cases’ from my Dad. I hope to put them in the studio for my weaving / spinning books.

So, now I am alone, alone, alone! I am doing the happy dance – not that I need to have Norm gone, but it will be great to be alone for awhile. I really AM a hermit at heart!

My new camera is not working as hard as I would like. I haven’t seen the goldfinches much since I got it! However, I did see one on the driveway and took a picture of it, only to find, when I zoomed in, that it was husband and wife, out for a stroll.

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The red circle shows where the birds were

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Zoom shows Mrs. with Mr. I had missed her with my eyes.

I love the zoom! This morning I saw the Eastern Kingbird for the second time, but he was gone before I could grab my camera and get out the door. However, I saw him in the binoculars to truly identify him!

We are seeing and hearing more birds – of course this time last year we were just in and out a couple of times a month, rather than here all the time!

And now it is time to feed the chickens and let the hens outside. You have a beautiful day!

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