Thursday, June 22, 2006

I have soft water!

Last fall, before Norm broke his neck, he had gotten some water softener pellets for the softener that was here when we purchased Ash Lane Farm. But never actually turned the machine on. The other day I remembered and we turned it on! Last night’s bath was wonderful! No rusty water, water as soft as silk.

Now, I have gone for many years, most of my life, in fact, with hard water and I have never had a problem. But, folks, I tell you! Soft water is great!! Especially with the iron in this water, not having a rust deposit in the bottom of the bath tub is great!

I also have a new computer desk – it was left at Candy’s house when the previous owners left. Norm and Wayne cut it in half – it’s BIG – and we brought it over here to sit in the living room for nearly a month. Finally it is put together and in place! We will take our other computer desk (gift from Mary Pistalka Cox) to the second hand store.

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The chickens are two weeks old and really getting pretty. They are little cockerels and certainly act like them – sparring with each other already. These little guys are much more active and healthier than the Cornish Cross that we had before. I am much happier with these – and we have had no deaths yet (knock on wood).

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Candy, Katie and I went on a field trip yesterday – and that will be in my next entry. But it was a beautiful day for it … YOU have a beautiful day!

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Candy Duell said...

Oh it sounds like a beautiful day! I am so glad you got your new camera. It will serve you well.

The chicks are getting so big! Nice shots of them.
Have a great day!
Candyd in New York