Thursday, June 22, 2006

Happy Solstice!

Yes, I know I’m a day late … but we did celebrate yesterday. Candy, Katie and I went to Spirit Lake for a day out. It turned out to be sunny and warm and a great way to celebrate a special day. Spirit Lake is only about an hour away and is a part of the “Iowa Great Lakes” region.

We started by stopping (sounds funny, I know) at a Nature Center to meet a dear friend of Katie’s. Suzy, we found, is a sister-soul; plans were made for the four of us to meet again sometime for some women time together.

Then on to a lovely big Greenhouse. Candy needed to replace some plants that had not made the move, including a white bleeding heart. I wanted some lemon thyme and a flowering almond. This was the first garden center / greenhouse that even knew what I was talking about; I got a lovely pink one to put under my studio window.

Lunch – a time that was necessary for all of us! We found “The Warf” which was over part of Spirit Lake itself. None of us are fussy eaters and managed to scarf down some wonderful food and agree to visit that lovely spot again sometime.

We visited the Abby Gardner historical site. I had never heard of her, but Katie had because Wally has been invited to demonstrate blacksmithing at their sesquicentennial this summer. Candy knew about her because there is a monument stone in South Dakota.

Abby Gardner was a captive of Indians in 1857; her family was killed during the “Spirit Lake Massacre” and she was a captive at age 13 for 87 days before she was ransomed in South Dakota. We couldn’t figure out why she was so famous because “all she did” was be captured and ransomed. Well, we found out why she was so famous! She was a strong-willed woman who left her husband because he was “not a temperate man,” raised her two sons alone, wrote a book about her experiences, purchased her family cabin and land from the speculator that had taken it and started a tourist site on the land. She was instrumental in having a monument erected in memory of all the people killed and in thanks to the rescuers that cause so many to survive. She was famous because she made herself famous!

Next stop, Wal-Mart. I am not a Wal-Mart fan, but there are times when a woman must do what a woman must do. And to purchase a new camera, one must go where cameras are located, especially if there is no Best Buys, Office Max or any other like-minded store. Candy has a lovely Canon that she took on her Scotland trip; Joy has a Canon, as well. I have a Sony that I like (except for the zoom). I had looked at many cameras on-line and had done my research; it was down to feel and tiny points of difference. I chose a Canon that is the one step upgrade from Candy’s. It has a 4x optical zoom but about a 8x digital – fantastic! It also has the panorama feature that is so great on Candy’s and a movie feature with sound. My ‘old’ Sony was one of the first cameras with a movie feature but no sound.

So we grabbed bottles of water and headed home. Candy took some eggs and water home – they don’t have a water filter yet so they get water from us when they need it. Then Norm planted my flowering almond outside the studio window and we had supper about 9:30! All in all, a beautiful day! You have a beautiful day!

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Candy, heading home

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My flowering almond (not in flower, of course)

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Here is some of the detail that shows how I can zoom in.

This was done on the computer from the first picture!


happyowl said...

Happy Summer Sostice to you to! Your day sounds like it was busy but a lot of fun.

I like the zoom option on your new camera. The picture is beautiful.

Brightest blessings


Candy Duell said...

You flowering almond looks alot like my butterfly bush (Buddleia). Are they related at all?
I just went and checked ebay, and it does not appear they are. But the leaves look alot alike!

Anonymous said...

The warf is actually over East Lake Okoboji. And Abby's cabin is by West Lake Okoboji. Spirit Lake is seperate and a few miles away. Just thought you would like to know:)